Review Past Customer Feedback

Real clients share their experience with River Hills

“Robin and Bill,

There should be more people like you!

It hardly seems possible we had been in 9523 one week yesterday. As you can imagine, unpacking is moving rapidly. Yesterday I did the china, my mom’s, and ours the whole day. Paul painted the inside of the kitchen cupboards on Sunday. I carefully – for about 5 minutes, cut, and lined each shelf. No two are the same.

Our chair is beautiful! We circle it nightly to see who will win. I let Paul win because he is gone all day, so…needless to say, it is an instant cure for insomnia in the future. My husband has fulfilled a lifetime dream with the chair.”

-Joan and Paul
-Molly and Ginger


" Robin, Thank you so much for all of your help! You made our first house purchase that much less stressful. If we ever (by some crazy circumstances!) decide to sell, we will give you a call. Thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangement too! Sorry this is a little late, we have been busy moving into our beautiful house.”

-Kayla and Sean

"Robin, Thank you for your professional service. It was refreshing to work with someone with as much energy, optimism, and use of current technology. Hopefully, this is the first of many successful transactions.”
Gratefully Yours,

-Dave and Danielle


"Dear Robin, You are the best! Thank you so much for the lovely Harry & David selection. Selling the house was all I expected. You go above and beyond. I would highly recommend you!

The K’s and I are enjoying the goodies and saying nice things about you…bet your ears are burning! Thanks for everything.”


"The video is just overwhelmingly wonderful. You and Bill have sure captured the good places in my home. The pictures are so bright and show it up so well. It is wonderful! I can’t wait for my friends to see this one. Thanks so much. It sure looks enticing!”



"Robin, You have no idea what a relief it is to me that this house is finally in your capable hands. I am working on a much longer, overdue letter to say just how much we appreciate you. But you should know my mother has been more optimistic in the past two week’s than she’s been all year. I told her all along that she’d be amazed at the difference between you and everyone else. I think she gets it now.”


Robin, My pleasure! Everything is great with the new home, and my dog loves his new fenced-in yard.
Thanks for the great experience!”


“Robin assisted us in purchasing our first home and was with us every step of the way. She made time to be present at inspection, appraisal, and closing. She responded to text and calls every hour of the day and made us feel like family. She is someone I hope to maintain a friendship with in the upcoming years. She works very hard and deserves all the good that comes her way.”


“Robin was excellent to work with. I had her support from the moment I looked at the house, right through closing. When communications went unanswered in the finance company, Robin was always timely in her response, and kept me updated throughout the whole process.”


“Robin Mongeau is a real estate professional focused on our needs. Through multiple marketing techniques utilized by Robin, we are constantly aware of our selling or purchasing status. In these difficult financial times, we know we could not be more fully represented. Don’t hesitate to call River Hills Properties, or Robin.”


“I was very pleased with the professionalism of Robin, and how she was able to sell my house so quickly. She priced it right and knew the market and area very well. I highly recommend her!”


“Robin is unlike any other real estate professional I have ever worked with. She thinks outside the box, is very aggressive, and is extremely experienced. She has gone above and beyond, the normal protocol for us – investing time and money into the sale of our house. I would recommend Robin and her team to anyone.”


“Robin brings it all to the table with her enthusiasm for her job. She is forthright when discussing a property, potential pricing, and issues to be addressed. She gives realistic direction with her knowledge in the market. Robin is a huge asset and advocate for this area, promoting the lifestyle of living beyond the city.”


“Robin is a dedicated, hardworking, and honest realtor, who handles each client with respect, be it a $50,000 sale, or a $500,000 purchase. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. In fact, I’ve recommended her to my mother! That should speak volumes about the level of trust I place in her!”


“I am very impressed with Robin Lawrence Mongeau as my realtor. She has gone above and beyond. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough, to name a few of her assets. Whenever another realtor wants to show a client my home, Robin is there, unlike other realtors who allow their clients’ homes to be seen without them present. Not to mention her friendly approach to myself and those who come to my home. You will not be sorry you picked Robin as your realtor!”